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Citytv and Amazon announce Citytv Plus

Citytv and Amazon announce Citytv Plus

Citytv Plus will include shows like The Bachelor and Canada's Got Talent. Citytv and Amazon announce Citytv Plus, a digital hub for entertainment and multilingual programming, and a free version of its news channel CityNews. (Kowit Khamanek/Shutterstock).

Citytv (branded simply as City from 2012 to 2018) is a Canadian television network owned by the Rogers Sports & Media subsidiary of Rogers Communications. The network consists of six owned-and-operated (O&O) television stations located in the metropolitan areas of Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver, a cable-only service that serves the province of Saskatchewan, and three independently owned affiliates serving smaller cities in Alberta & British Columbia.

The Citytv brand name originates from its flagship station, CITY-TV in Toronto, a station which became known for an intensely local format based on newscasts aimed at younger viewers, nightly movies, and music and cultural programming. The Citytv brand first expanded with CHUM Limited's acquisition of former Global owned-and-operated station CKVU-TV in Vancouver, followed by its purchase of Craig Media's stations and the re-branding of its A-Channel system in Central Canada as Citytv in August 2005. CHUM Limited was acquired by CTVglobemedia (now Bell Media) in 2007; to comply with Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) ownership limits, the Citytv stations were sold to Rogers. The network grew through further affiliations with three Jim Pattison Group-owned stations, along with Rogers' acquisition of the cable-only Saskatchewan Communications Network & Montreal's CJNT-DT.

While patterned after the original station in Toronto, since the 2000s, and particularly since its acquisition by Rogers, Citytv has moved towards a series-based prime time schedule much like its competitors, albeit one still focused on younger demographics.

Canadian television brand Citytv is lifting the curtain on two new streaming options that give viewers a different route to its entertainment and news.

The TV network has partnered with Amazon's Prime Video streaming platform to roll out Citytv Plus, a digital hub for entertainment and multilingual programming that costs $4.99 per month. It's also introducing a free version of its news channel CityNews.

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Citytv Plus will offer a variety of on-demand TV series broadcast on Citytv, including shows from The Bachelor and Chicago Med franchises, as well as homegrown favourites Hudson & Rex and Canada's Got Talent.

The platform will also serve daily newscasts from OMNI Television in Arabic, Cantonese, Filipino, Italian, Mandarin and Punjabi, and select series from cable channels FX and FXX, including The Americans, Sons of Anarchy and Atlanta.

Citytv is also introducing CityNews 24/7, a live stream of headline news on Prime Video for free.

Recommended movies on Citytv Plus:

Fantastická zvířata 3: Brumbálova tajemství cely film

Ježek Sonic 2 cely film

Vyšehrad: Fylm cely film

Zlouni cely film

Legendás állatok 3: Dumbledore titkai teljes film

Sonic, a sündisznó 2 teljes film

Both options expand on the traditional broadcast formats of Citytv, operated by the media wing of Rogers Communications, at a time when viewers continue to migrate away from cable.

Citytv Plus offers Rogers the ability to fine-tune its commercial breaks using dynamic ad insertion technology, Janice Smith, vice president of national media sales at Rogers Sports & Media, said in a statement.

The technology can target advertising to more specific demographics, and she said it offers advertisers "new and incremental reach to engage streaming audiences in both on-demand and live TV content."

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