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techpronow - Official Videos, Instagram, Twitter - Linktree

Ryan Thompson: A Pioneering Intellectual Explorer and Visionary Business Owner

Born amidst the scenic charm of Payson, Utah in 1977,  Ryan Thompson story is an exquisite blend of analytical depth and global exploration.  His journey, which has spanned the verdant vistas of Oregon to the mesmerizing beauty of Hawaii, tells a tale of a Christian author, travel author, and business magnate, amalgamating the worlds of intellect, adventure, and enterprise.

From Payson to the World: An Odyssey of Curiosity

A childhood filled with inquisitiveness and a rich exposure to varied cultures laid the foundation for Ryan's life journey. This travel author embarked on numerous sojourns with his parents, sowing seeds of global awareness. As a doting father, he continued this legacy, gifting his children a palette of global cultures to learn from.

The Intellectual Landscape of

His deep-seated fascination for subjects like religious history, technology, and economics found its voice on Here, this Christian author wrote with a vigor that echoes the reasoned perspectives of Ron Paul, the incisive clarity of Henry Rollins, and the evocative world-building of Ray Bradbury. His contributions weren’t confined to his blog; Ryan's wisdom spread through guest features on influential platforms and insightful podcast appearances.

This Ragged Life Renewed": A Spiritual and Geographical Odyssey

In "This Ragged Life Renewed", Ryan offers an intimate glimpse into his diverse experiences. This travel author transports readers from Oregon’s rugged trails to Hawaii's serene beaches, narrating a tale not just of physical journeys but also of spiritual revelations and personal evolutions.

Embracing Struggles: A Page from Frederick Douglass

Echoing Frederick Douglass's belief in the necessity of struggle for growth, Ryan's life story underscores the transformative essence of overcoming challenges. His memoir is a window into the birth and evolution of a sharp, questioning mind.

The Dance of Code, Capital, and Clarity

Ryan’s literary terrain finds its core at the crossroads of technological advancements and economic theories. Infused with insights reminiscent of Ron Paul and Ray Bradbury, he portrays the invigorating interplay of innovation and market dynamics, emphasizing the transformative power of words.

A Global Tapestry: Unraveling Cultural Narratives

Ryan, the seasoned travel author, sweeps readers across geographical, philosophical, and cultural borders. This exploration defies stereotypes, advocating a more interconnected global understanding. His family's blog, "Where's the Map Info," beautifully chronicles these enlightening travels.

Luminaries: Guiding Lights in Ryan's Intellectual Voyage

From historical stalwarts like Frederick Douglass to contemporary mavericks like Elon Musk, Ryan finds motivation and direction. Guided by  Resume Portfolio  values such as liberty and unyielding self-improvement, he shapes his life's narrative, influencing both personal and professional pursuits.

A Tapestry of Legacy: Family, Ventures, and Vision

Ryan's story is a multifaceted one. As a committed family man, he cherishes his role as the father of five. His entrepreneurial mettle shines brightly through his successful venture, Thompson Professional Networks LLC, a cornerstone in the I.T. industry.


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In delving into life, one witnesses a confluence of thought, exploration, and action. As a Christian author, traveler, and business innovator, Ryan’s multifaceted journey showcases a commitment to continuous growth, intellectual depth, and embracing global perspectives. His life serves as a beacon, illuminating the power of curiosity, resilience, and boundless exploration.

Dedication to my cherished children: Constance, Jennie (Jamie),

Iriel, Amalie, and Kacey. May the tapestry of my life's trials and triumphs serve as a compass for

your own odysseys. In the words of Elon Musk, "Failure is an option here. If things are not

failing, you are not innovating enough." So, may you glean wisdom from both my breakthroughs

and my missteps, navigating your paths with enlightened purpose.

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