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Korean films are not only about love

Korean films are not only about love

7 Thrilling, Action-packed, and Mystery Korean Movies

Korean films are not only about love, but some are full of action and suspense.

The following is a list of suspenseful, action-packed, and mysterious Korean films. Let's listen!

1. PARASITE (2019)

Struggling Kim citizens see an opportunity when his son starts working for a kayaking parake family soon, they all find a way to work in the same house and start living a parasitic life.

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A big-city detective helps two incompetent small-town cops investigate a serial killer. Can they catch him?

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3. THE CHASER (2008)

A police detective disguised as a grandmother is fighting against time to catch a psychopathic serial killer after one of his girls goes missing. He only has 12 hours to find evidence against the killer, before the bureaucratic Seoul Police Department is forced to release him to continue his terror.

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4. BURNING (2018)

Jong-Soo meets Hae-Mi, a girl who once lived in his neighborhood, and he asks her to take care of her cat while she's out of town.

When she returns she introduces her to Ben, a man she met on the way. Ben proceeds to tell Jong-Soo about his hobby.

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5. OLD BOY (2003)

A man, held captive for years for no apparent reason, is given a cell phone, money and expensive clothes and then released unless he discovers the identity of his abductor a worse fate awaits him.

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A Japanese woman hires a maid, but little does she know that her employees are teaming up with a con artist to trick her for her fortune.

7. I SAW THE DEVIL (2010)

On a dark street, taxi driver Kyung-Chul (Choi Min-Sik) finds a frightened female driver stranded in a wrecked vehicle, she brushes off but does not help him.

When the woman's head is found in a local river, her devastated fiancé, Kim Soo-Hyeon (Lee Byung-Hun), a trained secret agent, becomes obsessed with hunting down the killer.

Well, that's 7 Korean films that are suspenseful, full of action and mystery.

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