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Golden tips to Live a happy Healthy Life

Golden tips to Live a happy Healthy Life

People are very busy in this world as they work a lot to fulfill their requirements of life. But, sometimes their work goes beyond expectation and they do not get the right way of life. But, to get the healthy life and to eradicate the mess, you just need to follow some tips. What are they? These are as follows-

  1. Exercise – Go through the proper exercise to remain fit and healthy. It is very important to have a few exercises that can easily make the person fit and capable of doing. You may think that you don't have time in this busy schedule. But only 10 minutes can do magic in your life. If you are unable to do exercise in the morning or evening, then go for a walk daily. It will eliminate the health junk and reduce your body fat.
  2. Maintain hygiene – It is very important to have the perfect hygiene maintenance it is because if you keep your self away from viruses by neat and tide habits, you can easily maintain your health. Clean cloth, proper hand wash before and after meals and after extricate stool is very important. Perfect grooming gives you perfect health as well as good look.
  3. Avoid junk foods – As you spend a great part in your office, so many times they eat food from the outside after dismissal or while going to have a get together.
  4. Keep brush twice – It is the best and the perfect to maintain oral health of a person. Gum and teeth both are very much important for you. Thus to get a proper maintenance of teeth you need to brush twice daily and get your teeth white as well as healthy.
  5. Eat ample of fruits and vegetables – You don't have to purchase vegetables or fruits which are expensive at that season. Always try to go with seasonal fruit that nourishes your body in a proper way.
  6. Consume green tea – If you want taking a cup of tea, then go with green tea every morning. You can easily go with 4-5 cups of green tea every day. It will keep you healthy by enhancing the perfect metabolism system. It will also nourish your skin and keep you away from some difficult and serious diseases like cancer.
  7. Drink plenty of water – No chemical reaction inside your body can take place without water. Thus, always take plenty of water. You should take this minimum of 3 liters daily, though for a male it should be 5 liters. It keeps your digestive system perfect.
  8. Take Roughage – This cannot be digested by the body of human being, but this is a perfect one to help you in motion. Stool should be clear to have a healthy life and proper use of roughage is very important for you. You can get it from pills.
  9. Sit straight – While studying and working keep your structure of body perfect and this will give you the perfect one.
  10. Sleep well  –Sleep is very important for you and this take 6-8 hours sleep every day. You will visit a urologist always be fit and perfect.

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