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Essay: how to stand out from other candidates?

Essay: how to stand out from other candidates?

The employer has two candidates. Both are equally suitable for the position: they have a chic education and an excellent track record. Both wrote the essay according to all the rules: all the commas are in place, there is no water, and everything is in order with the logic. Yet the employer reads the essay and chooses only one of the candidates. How to become the one he chose?

The main secret is to be honest and sincere. Sounds too easy? Not at all. We often embellish our story without even realizing it. When it comes to a competition - for a job, a scholarship to a university - it is natural that everyone wants to show themselves as the best. However, here the majority replaces the image of the “best” candidate with a picture of an ideal person who does not make mistakes, goes only in a straight line all his life and only to success and, in general, does not exist in nature. Many adjust their image to this “ideal” and write a one-sided school essay. I think you will be interested in reading the extraessay reviews.

An essay, in order to be unique, must reveal the personality of a person - it is your personality that is the main trump card when all the other stages of the competition are completed, and you need to stand out from the mass of other good candidates. There is no need to be afraid to talk about your mistakes, doubts, failures, because they are experiences that shape us, which some try to hide, while others turn into gold. If you make an essay a sincere story about yourself, then the reader will truly empathize, reflect on what was written, and perhaps something will change in him after reading the work. Therefore, a sincere and honest essay will never go unnoticed and will achieve the desired goal.

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