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The Last Dry Spell

The Last Dry Spell

On being the servant-leader in my

The unexpected benefits of surrendering

Alpha males and the women who love

Not all men will get it unless you

Patience, integrity…and being a
little sweet always helps

Girl alpha seeks all man alpha

Too feminine?


My life, my choice

Is she afraid of losing control?

I hate dry spells.  Let’s be honest, they suck.

One of the large reasons I got into game was to avoid them.  I don’t want to have to go for months on end without pussy after I break up with a chick – that’s awful.  That kind of thinking will cause me to stay with a chick I don’t even like longer than I want to just for the constant sex.  (It’s happened before…)

That was actually the case with my college girlfriend.  I wasn’t in love.  The feelings I once had for her were no longer there, but the sex was still good, and the head was great.

So, I stayed around…

I think she could tell I was drifting, because when thoughts of leaving her and breaking up entered my head, she’d bring up something new to keep me around – buy some new lingerie, read books on sucking dick, learn how to do it with no hands, bring up her newfound curiosity for anal, start flirting with girls on Craigslist to recruit a threesome.

I’d stick around around for a few more weeks, and then the thoughts about leaving her would be back…

Shit would repeat itself over again.

Then, the final straw.  I was going to graduate college soon, so I did it – I finally broke up with her.  For some reason, it was easier to break up with her then.  I told myself it was something I had to do.  I wanted to start my post-collegaite life single and unattached.

She still thought she could weasel her way back in, I think.  She showed up to my graduation by herself because her family and friends wouldn’t come with her, because they didn’t support her going to a guy’s graduation who had just broken up with her.  They also told her I was “selfish” and “an ass” because I don’t her if she came she couldn’t sit with my family since we were broken up.

She sat by herself.

Later that night, she called me and told me she wanted to bring me my graduation present.  She shows up with empty hands and gives me a hug and I feel the lingerie on under her dress when I hug her.  Then, I look at her like she’s crazy, “where’s my present?”  eventhough, I already knew the answer.

“It’s me.”  She says smiling.

“No, you really shouldn’t come in, I’m hanging out with my friends watching TV and then we’re about to go out.”

She looked surprised and distraught.  I felt powerful.  I had turned down sex, she didn’t expect that from me.

She left and we went out.   I didn’t do any approaching, because back then I didn’t cold approach girls in bars.  Never did.   I did run into a girl I knew who I always thought liked me, so I got her number, then tried to make something happen with her later that night, but it didn’t happen.

A few weeks later, Stallion came back into the picture.  We hung out a couple of times and then I went to Europe for a couple of weeks.  When, I got back in the states Stallion was in another my hometown doing her internship.  The chick who’s number I got the night I graduated was also in my hometown.  By July, I was back in my college town, starting my new job.

There was one cute chick around my age at my job.  She was Indian.  I would catch her looking in my direction all of the time, but I never spoke to her.   Never.   The first time I spoke to her was when I showed up to her house for a Christmas party.  Yes, in December.  Yes, I had worked there and seen her almost daily for 5 months without saying shit to her.

Anyway.  About a month after I was in town from Europe, my ex called me one night claiming she had been out drinking and had no place to go and begged me to come over and spend the night.    She came over, sucked my dick and we fucked.

Then, we didn’t talk for a month, then it happened again.

Then, two months went by, and then she hit me up wanting to buy my old computer monitor from me.  I sold it to her and brought it over.   Then, she wanted to show me her new car.  Somehow we wound up on a deadend street, fucking in the backseat.

A month later, she texts me some question.  When I respond to the text, she calls me almost immediately.  I ignore the call.  I’m sure that pissed her off, as it was somewhat obvious – I had just texted her.  We don’t talk for awhile after that.

I move into some new apartments and I hit up a chick on Facebook who used to live in those same apartments.  She’s real cute, with big, beautiful breasts and a real pretty smile with dimples on one side of her face.  She lives on the other side of town now, not far from where I work.  I could tell there was some chemistry when I would see her around campus, but we both were in relationships at the time, so I didn’t pursue.  I notice she’s single now, so we exchange numbers.

We start texting.  After a few weeks of texting, we meet up for lunch.   I remember that day.  It was a Friday in October, a couple weeks before Halloween.   Earlier that week, I noticed some bumps down there and thought for sure I had herpes.   I went to the clinic, and they said it was just molluscum contagiosum – whew, thank goodness!  But, I still can’t have sex until it clears up.

She claims to be pretty busy – she works two jobs and also goes on tour around the state with a singing group that she’s in, so it’s hard to catch up with her, but we do meet up for lunch on this Friday.

Lunch goes well – I eat, she doesn’t.  She’s not hungry, she’s just there to hang out with me apparently.   She remembers meeting me in college.  I don’t remember meeting her.  I take that as a good sign.  After I get back to work, she texts me and me and says something like, “I just wanted to tell you that your eyes are beautiful.”   I respond back with something like “You’re were looking beautiful too.”

The very next night, a Saturday, she calls me and asks me if I have plans, says her group’s singing rehearsal just got cancelled and she’s all of the sudden free.   I go pick her up and we go out for drinks.  After a few drinks, the place were at is closing down.  We head back to her place to watch a movie.   While laying on the couch watching TV, I get my hands down her pants a little bit, but then I stop myself.   I don’t escalate, because, I can’t help but to think the whole time about how I can’t fuck her, because I don’t want to give her molluscum.   After the movie, it gets to be about 4am, and I get up, saying I have to go.  She says something like “are you sure you have to go?  You can stay the night.”

I make some excuse and then hit her with a “besides, don’t you have to get up early?”  because, she did indeed have to get up early.  Like, in a couple of hours.   She walks me out and we make out heavily, and then I head off.  Knowing very well that molluscum may have just cost me a notch.

The next couple of weeks, it’s an onslaught of texts from her – she’s literally texting me every day now, but we’re both busy, so some time goes by, before we can hang out again.  It actually comes kind of randomly on a Saturday night when she calls me while she’s out bowling and invites me to come.   Having nothing better to do, I go.

She’s there with one other friend, who is supposed to have a dude coming up there too, but he never shows.  It’s an odd “date”.  I’m there with her and her friend, and with one of us always up bowling, conversation doesn’t flow too naturally and actually gets pretty stale and boring.   I can’t help but to feel like a failure since I wasn’t able to keep the conversation going.  When, the date ends, we head our separate ways and it’s the last I see of her.

She does text me a few more times, but then that dies out completely and then a couple of weeks later her and her ex wind up back together according to Facebook.  Damn, looks like I missed out on that one.

Out of nowhere, the chick who’s number I got back in May on the night I graduated texts me the day before Thanksgiving and says she’s in town for her birthday.    She wants me to come out with her and her friends, but I don’t ge the text because I’m asleep.  I wind up waking up and 2am and texting her back and she invites me over her friend’s apartment, because they’re still drinking and eating and shit.   Her and I stay up later than everybody else who wind up just passing out on the floor or the bed or some shit.  Eventually, she walks me to my car and we make out a little bit and then I head back home.

I go out with her and her friends the next night, but that’s her actual 21st, so the night ends with her locked in the bathroom for hours, puking in a toilet – no notch there.

She goes back to my hometown where she goes to school.  When I get in town for Christmas, I take her to the movies one night.  She lives with her parents, so the night ends with us making out in the driveway.

A few nights later, she invites me out to play pool with her and a bunch of her friends.  That night ends with us making out in the parking lot of the pool hall.

My last night in town for the break, she invites me out to a club with her and her friends.  We dance a lot and drink, and I invite her to my company’s Christmas party, which is coming up in a couple of weeks.  Again, that night ends with us making out in the middle of downtown.

I figure I could get the notch after the Christmas party since I’ve put in a couple of months and a little time with her.  The Christmas party is a lot of fun, but I get drunk off my ass and she winds up having to feed me my dinner.  After the party, apparently she invited her friends to meet us downtown – we get into an argument about that, because I wasn’t interested in hanging out with her friends.   We don’t talk for the rest of the night – well, not until the car ride home.

I’m drunk as shit, so she drives.  When we get back to my place, we wind up back in my room, but she’s very timid and won’t come near my bed or let me touch her.  Her friends come to pick her up, and I haven’t seen her or bothered to hang out with her since (although she does still text me occasionally).

Later in January, my friends and I go out for happy hour.  After we finish playing pool, some cute chick comes up to me and asks if we’re done with the table.  We are, and she winds up playing pool with her lame ass boyfriend.  My friends and I fuck with her the whole time, “Nice shot, baby!”, “Are you really with that lame ass guy?”, whistling at her, etc.   She smiles to us and acknowledges the “nice shot” comments, but the guy she’s with never once looks in our direction.  He uncomfortably ignores us the whole time.  It’s hilarious.

On, the way out, we leave to go to another bar, and I do the unthinkable.  A year before I start this blog and get into game and I have my first “eye-opening” night.  I approach a two-set while we’re leaving and that just gets me started.  I approach girls for the rest of the night, probably about 5 or 6 approaches total, but I leave without any numbers or anything.

I have a lot of fun approaching like that, and tell myself that I should be doing that all of the time, but sadly, a year goes by before I would ever really do it again.

A couple months after that, in March, we’re at happy hour again, and we have real cute latina waitress.  I tell her she should come out with us when she gets off, she says okay, and winds up writing her name and number down on a blank receipt and giving it to me.  I feel like a pimp – I just pulled a cute ass waitress’ phone number in front of all of my friends.   I hit up later that night when we’re out and she says she’s on the way, then she texts me hours later with some, “I’m sorry dude, I fell asleep….”  shit or something.

A week before my birthday, my ex texts me and tells me she got a new apartment.  I hadn’t talked to her since I fucked her in the backseat 6 months ago, so I ignore the text.  Then, I get drunk and horny and try to go over and fuck with her, but she’s not having it.

On my birthday, a chick who lives in another city who I used to talk to before I dated my ex, sends me a picture of her pussy.  I hadn’t fucked her yet, but I’m hoping to get that chance when she comes down for Memorial Day.

A couple of weeks before Memorial Day, and I break my foot playing basketball.  She comes down for Memorial Day and we go camping, with a bunch of her other friends.   I’m on crutches, so it’s not that much fun, but it’s okay since all we do is smoke and drink all weekend.  I don’t fuck her though, because I never even try to isolate or escalate.  I have too many excuses in my head – I was on crutches, her brother was here and in the tent next to her, and neither of us had showered recently.    I never even kissed her.   The furthest I got was her brining me beers and sitting on my lap around the campfire.   Why did I not try to escalate with a girl who’s vagina I have a picture of on my phone!?!? What the fuck was wrong with me then?

A couple weeks later and I go on a date with the waitress, who’s number I got during happy hour.  I take her to a bar for some cheap beers, but then we get hungry and wind up walking around (hobbling around on crutches) looking for a place to eat.   We don’t find anything downtown, so we get in my car and head to another spot for dinner.  Then, we wind up back at my place smoking weed together.  She has a on black dress with a red bra – very sexy.  I’m still not too good at escalating then, as I don’t really try much when I have her sitting on my bed, smoking with me.   Eventually, she says she has to go, so I walk her out – I get a quick peck, but not even a make-out.   She flakes on our next date and things fizzle out with her.

July rolls around and I playfully text my ex and tell her that if she needs some birthday dick to just holla at me.  Somehow that winds up happening and my dry spells ends with chick it started with I guess.

Then, a couple months after that some chick I went to high school with hits me on Facebook and lets me know she’s in town.    She’s always had a crush on me, so I set up a date with her, and take her out to the movies.

We get back to my place and I get her top off, but then when I go for the panties, I get some “I’m on my period” LMR.   I take her home.

I week later she texts me wanting to see me.  Not really caring to hang out with her without fucking, I act aloof with some, “I might be busy” type of frame.   She respond with, “I’m not on my period this time…”   Oh, well in that case…

I pick her up, take her to my place… and get my first new notch in over two years.

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